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Changing Locations due to RAIN!

This weather has proved it’s unpredictable nature and we feel it’s best to move this adventure indoors as the Sacramento area is due to get more than an inch of rain over the next 72 hours. We are blessed to say that two venues have stepped up to offer us space and we are thrilled to perform in each one. Admission is still free.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday, April 7 – 9, will find us at St. Francis of Assisi Elementary in midtown Sacramento.  We will be in the multipurpose room (look for the signs) and  due to the fact that this is a 100 year old building, it is not accessible. There are restrooms available but no food vendors. The show will run under 90 minutes and there is a lot to choose from for dining in this area. Parking is available in school yard and on the street (read the signs for metering information.) Chairs will be set up. It’s a big room, so maybe bring a sweater?

Picture of the front of St. Francis from the intersection of 26th and K Street
St. Francis of Assisi Parish and Elementary School

Monday, April 10, we will be a Wellspring Women’s Center in Oak Park. This community facility is housed in an old fire station – yes, complete with fire poles! This is a working center that helps women with basic needs and community. We request a donation for Wellspring when you come to our show to help support their mission and thank them for their generosity. Currently they are in need of ground coffee of any size and diapers in sizes 4, 5, & 6.  For more information on needed items, visit their website. All donations are appreciated. Chairs will be set up. This location is accessible.

Image of Wellspring from 4th Avenue
Wellspring Women’s Center

We hope you join us for our fourth production of Taming of the Shrew. We are excited to try this out indoors and look forward to being back outside in Fremont Park in August for King Lear.

See you then!

Wildflower Women’s Ensemble was born of the desire to create vibrant classical theatre with entirely female casts. Founded in July 2015 by Julianna Hess, Lori Ann DeLappe-Grondin, and Joshua Anderson, Wildflower is based in the Sacramento Region and draws influences from Sacramento Shakespeare Festival, Davis Shakespeare Ensemble Shakespeare’s Globe, Utah Shakespeare, Orlando Shakespeare, Shakespeare on the Vine and the Shakespeare Theatre Association.

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