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Next Production Announced – Macbeth is coming!

Update, 3/24/2016: We have secured a location, Fremont Park, and shifted the dates to May 8 & 9, 2016 at 6:00pm. Performances are still free!

“Twas a rough night.”

On April 2 & 3, we will present our 80-minute Macbeth! We’ve been preparing for a few weeks now and I’m excited about the progress. We have only one slight hangup – most of our inquiries for spaces to perform have not panned out. But have no fear, we still have three options in the works and we will perform this show somewhere! There was talk of in a park, but as I look outside at the current thunder storm, I’m reminded of three things: El Nino, March – in like a lion/lamb, out like a lamb/lion, and April Showers…inside it is!

Stay tuned here for more on location, and in the mean time –

Performances will be free (with a donation jar near by) as they were in the summer. The performance on the 2nd will be at 7:00 and on the 3rd at 2 or 3:00.

We are also starting to plan our June event, a fundraiser/staged reading. More details to come, but it will be a gala that only the Wildflower’s can put on!

Wildflower Women’s Ensemble was born of the desire to create vibrant classical theatre with entirely female casts. Founded in July 2015 by Julianna Hess, Lori Ann DeLappe-Grondin, and Joshua Anderson, Wildflower is based in the Sacramento Region and draws influences from Sacramento Shakespeare Festival, Davis Shakespeare Ensemble Shakespeare’s Globe, Utah Shakespeare, Orlando Shakespeare, Shakespeare on the Vine and the Shakespeare Theatre Association.

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